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Expertise and in-depth industry understanding

eHealth; Digitalisierung; Expert; Maike Dieckmann; Digital Health Advisory; Gesunde Strategien
Maike Dieckmann
Senior Expert

As Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach once said, "There is only one proof of ability – action." For over a decade the health-IT market has been my life. An affinity for technology meets an interest in medicine, a thirst for knowledge mixes with drive – this is how my professional career can be described.

Following positions in sales for a research-based pharmaceutical company, I then worked in account management for hospital, laboratory and radiology information systems. I then spent over five years successfully undertaking management duties with sales responsibility in one of the world’s leading eHealth companies. This has resulted in extensive expertise in digitised processes in the healthcare sector.

Whether it be the implementation of strategic business areas in the field of software-assisted medicine – in cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry – or the revision of existing business models to improve IT-based solutions for physicians working with inpatients or outpatients – I have always been motivated to pursue healthy strategies that allow all participants to become beneficiaries. 

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